Yoga Instructor/Reiki Practitioner

Natalie DiMauro is a Connecticut native who moved to the Gulf Coast in 2012.

In 2013 she founded North Port Yoga Center, the first yoga studio in North Port, FL where she introduced and teaches Yoga for Veterans- “The Connected Warriors Program” and Yoga for Parkinson’s patients.

Natalie holds many certifications and has been teaching Yoga, Mat Pilates and group fitness classes since 1986. Her background as an accomplished yoga and fitness teacher signifies her strong desire to provide support and encouragement to individuals who are ready to make positive and everlasting changes in their lives.
A self proclaimed reformed “type A” fitness enthusiast, Natalie picked up her first yoga mat in 2000 and so the path began. She has embraced yoga for both its physical and inner benefits and deepened her practice. After years of running, aerobic fitness classes, and weight training, yoga was a nice shift; and as Natalie calls it, getting in shape “from the inside out”.
Natalie loves working with all levels, incorporating strength, endurance & deep stretching into her classes. Her classes offer a safe space for self inquiry and awareness.