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Licensed Massage Therapist

Ciara has a passion for helping people reach their health and healing goals. Using a holistic approach to her work, Ciara fully attends to each clients needs by connecting clear presence with practiced skill.

She attended The Florida Academy in Fort Myers Florida where she graduated and received her license to become a Massage Therapist. Ciara believes that touch and positive energy holds so much power and has many healing benefits for the body.

She feels she has a calling for helping others and her intention is to use her knowledge and abilities to spread the love and light of Jesus through her work.


Licensed Esthetician

Sophie is our very own in-spa esthetician.  With experienced touch, She specializes in: dermaplanning, lymphatic drainage, skin conditions and so much more. ( see our services and details listed on the Facial page to see which is a best fit for you!).

Whether you’re looking for detailed treatment of the skin, or a rejuvenating service to bring out your inner glow, Sophie will customize the experience to your skins particular need.

“ I believe it’s important to know what’s going on above the skin and below the skin, I am passionate about taking a whole-personable approach when treating skin or when holding space for a relaxation service”   ⁃ Sophie

Through her own experiences with skin related issues like eczema and rosacea, Sophie knows the importance of treating the skin and providing education on hygienic routines, root causes associated with conditions, and support along your healing. Being on both sides of the process has given her a unique insight on the customers healing journey and the practitioners duty to create a calming experience that allows the skin to breath and be re-born.

She found her passion at the number one school in Florida, Beauty and Health Institute and has continued her educational courses to advance her practice through the Florida Association of Aesthetic.


Licensed Massage Therapist

Sonia is a licensed massage therapist and esthetician. Her love for helping others and holistic health is what led her into a career in massage therapy and skincare.

She firmly believes in listening to each client’s individual needs and body to provide an overall healing experience. Her background includes being certified in therapeutic cupping for the body and lymphatic drainage, and training in various modalities; such as myofascial release, Swedish massage, and hot stones.

She believes that massage therapy encourages stress and pain relief and is a wonderful way to care for the mind, body, and soul. Whether clients are in need of alleviating chronic pain, seeking relaxation, or caring for their skin, Sonia works with them to reach their goals and intentions for each session.





Licensed Massage Therapist

“Massage isn’t just a luxury it’s about promoting wellness within yourself.”

Megan is a Passionate Massage therapist the believes massage is a great way to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and ease pains.
She has worked in holistic wellness centers since graduating from a
900 hr spa therapy program  (licensed massage therapist and facial specialist)  at Sunstate Academy in 2021. 
Megan will customize each massage session to each person’s needs.  She is committed to continuing education and continually seeks new techniques to help people reach their wellness goals.  
In addition to practicing massage therapy, she enjoys time at the beach, reading, and spending time with family.  





Licensed Massage Therapist

Amy’s passion in life has always been to help others.

She graduated from the American Insitute of Alternative Medicine in Columbus, Ohio. With over 16 years of experience Amy has been able to specialize in Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Hot Stones, Pre/Postnatal Massaging, Myofascial Release, Orthopedic Cupping and Aromatherapy.

Her joy comes from being able to help others holistically through massage and stretching.

Knowing that each client has different needs, Amy is a great listener and will tailor your course for wellness.





Pilates Instructor

Natalie is a Connecticut native who moved to the Gulf Coast in 2012.

In 2013 she founded North Port Yoga Center, the first yoga studio in North Port, FL where she introduced and teaches Yoga for Veterans- “The Connected Warriors Program” and Yoga for Parkinson’s patients.

Natalie holds many certifications and has been teaching Yoga, Mat Pilates and group fitness classes since 1986. Her background as an accomplished yoga and fitness teacher signifies her strong desire to provide support and encouragement to individuals who are ready to make positive and everlasting changes in their lives.
A self proclaimed reformed “type A” fitness enthusiast, Natalie picked up her first yoga mat in 2000 and so the path began. She has embraced yoga for both its physical and inner benefits and deepened her practice. After years of running, aerobic fitness classes, and weight training, yoga was a nice shift; and as Natalie calls it, getting in shape “from the inside out”.
Natalie loves working with all levels, incorporating strength, endurance & deep stretching into her classes. Her classes offer a safe space for self inquiry and awareness.







Sophia has been able to work in many different settings that have provided her with a multidisciplinary approach to the holistic lifestyle. Spa & Salon Management, Essential oil distillation, Chiropractic health, Holistic approaches to children with special needs, and Herb blending.

She is full of diversity and passion and continually striving to learn more to perfect her craft. She believes that with Compassion, Empowerment and Faith you create a stronger sense of self and community.

She loves to educate and inspire those around her in becoming the best that they can be. ~Mind – Body – Spirit~ Sophia is currently pursuing her education in Herbal Medicine, Holistic Coaching and Herb Mastery. She is here to help guide you through your journey to holistic wellness, peace, and a purposeful soul.


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